River McMican


As HR Systems & Operations Manager, River (they/them) is committed to enhancing HR processes and systems in a thoughtful, data-driven way that empowers clients to meet their goals efficiently and effectively.

With a knack for unraveling complex projects and simplifying intricate tasks, River employs a design thinking framework to ideate, develop, and refine solutions, always with a keen eye on improving the end-user experience. They excel in delivering process improvements, project planning, and innovative solutions for technical and operational challenges.

River's journey into the social sector began with Keshet, a national organization advocating for the full equality of all LGBTQ Jews and their families. Most recently, they served as the President of the Bisexual Resource Center, working to connect the bi+ community and helping its members thrive through resources, support, and celebration. Before beginning their nonprofit career, River worked as a graphic designer and consultant, creating accessible and inclusive communication and marketing materials for clients nationwide.

River brings a rich background in nonprofit leadership, communications, and project management. They are adept at analyzing data, building clear documentation, and producing strategic solutions for technical and operational challenges.

Based in central Massachusetts, River shares their life with their husband, their polycule, and their cat. Outside of work, they find joy in kayaking, creating diverse forms of art, and indulging in the excitement of live pro wrestling events.