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Make Better Choices About Pay & Benefits

Employees are reimagining what it means to thrive at work, including basics like where and when to work. In order to successfully attract and retain employees, organizations must approach employee compensation in new ways.

We'll introduce your team to the tools and resources to enable the competitiveness, transparency, and equity of pay-related decisions. You'll grow employee trust and achieve strategic goals by partnering with us to create a tailored pay philosophy, compensation frameworks, and decision-making resources designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Five Steps to a Tailored Approach to Compensation

We will learn about your organization through conversations with leaders, employees, and document review.

Reliable sources of data are used to determine how your organization's compensation stacks up against similar social sector organizations.

We'll guide you through exercises to define your organization's approaches to employee compensation based on your mission, values, and strategic goals.

Our compensation specialists will create a compensation structure and associated policies that are aligned with your new compensation philosophy.

We will introduce your new compensation philosophy, pay structure, associated policies, and training resources to people managers and employees.

Nonprofit Market Benchmarking

Stay competitive and make data-driven decisions by accessing reliable compensation benchmarking insights gathered from a comparison set of organizations closely matched to yours. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the wages and benefits paid by nonprofits that compete with you for talent.

We collect and analyze data from multiple sources to ensure insights are timely, accurate, and highly relevant to your organization.

Salary Surveys

Salary Surveys

Data crowdsourced from employees across the nonprofit sector.

Job Postings

Job Postings

Data compiled from the salaries and role descriptions advertised online.

Payroll Systems

Payroll Systems

Data collected directly from participating nonprofit organizations.

Accurate benchmarking using multiple data sources
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Compensation Philosophy & Policies

Craft a compensation philosophy and policies that reflect your organization's mission, values, and objectives. Our experts in equitable and inclusive approaches to compensation will guide you through the steps to define guiding principles that explain your organization's approaches employee compensation. Your philosophy and associated policies will elevate transparency and trust in ways shown to increase employee engagement in delivering excellence for the communities you serve.

Training & Implementation

Equip your managers with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively implement your compensation philosophy, associated policies, and decision-making tools. Our tailored training sessions and ongoing support empower your leadership team to make confident decisions, promote transparency, and maintain a healthy work culture.

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